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Upvc Casement Window Hinge Aluminum Concealed Hinge
Sep 26, 2017
ts characteristics: The door must be punched, doors of the design by hinge restrictions, door closed will not be blown open, do not need to install a variety of touch spiders. Specifications are: &26, &35. There is a detachable directional hinge and a non-removable hinge-type. For example, the 303 series of the hinge is a detachable directional hinge, while the 204 series is a spring hinge that is not in the form of a detachable type, which can be divided from the shape: the whole cover (or the straight arm, straight bend) half cover (or the curved arm, the middle bend) the inner (or daqu, large bend) hinge with adjusting screws, can be up and down, adjust the height of the plate, thickness.

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