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The Door Hinge Is A Device That Allows The Door To Rotate And Close Naturally Smoothly.
Dec 05, 2017

The door hinge is a device that allows the door to rotate and close naturally smoothly. The door hinge switched more than 10 times on average one day in our daily life. So the quality of the door hinge is very important. We should be very careful when choosing the home hinge hardware. The door hinge is suitable for the cabinet door connection of bookcase, TV bench, cupboard, drinks cabinet and many other products.


If you wanna buy casement door hardware ,you can choose the following items:

-casement door handle + espag rod +door hinge

-casement door lock +door hinge

Casement door handle :LH-HD13 and LH-HD14

Espag rod :LH-ED07 and LH-ED08

Casement door lock :DMS01 and DMS02

Door hinge:LH-HG04,LH-HG05 and LH-HG06


If you cannot find your need from our website ,please kindly contact us and send us your need, as the factory ,we can produce according to your design.

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