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The Crescent Lock Is Widely Used In Aluminum Alloy ( Plastic - Steel ) Sliding Window
Dec 13, 2017

The crescent lock is widely used in aluminum alloy ( plastic - steel ) sliding window. Because of its convenient installation and economic practicality, it is used for industrial workshop, school, dormitory and other places. And now there is no lack of its shadow in the domestic outfit field. For the mass consumers, the price performance is a very important guiding factor. In the domestic outfit market, many consumers will choose the simple and economic sliding window. Compared to the casement window system, its price may be only a few which is mainly due to the crescent lock.

With regard to security, the crescent lock is like a common thumb latch that cannot be opened from the outside without damaging the window or glass. So, from this level, the crescent lock is the same as the security of the door lock. The crescent lock can meet our daily security needs.

If you wanna buy inward casement window hardware ,you can choose the following items:

-Handle +espag rod+hinge+friction stay

Handle:LH-HD01,LH-HD02,LH-HD03 and LH-HD04

Espag rod:LH-ES01,LH-ES02

Hinge:LH-HG01,LH-HG02 and LH-HG03

Friction stay :as your requirement

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