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The Choice Of The Hinge Should Pay Attention To The Weight And Material
Nov 30, 2017

When purchasing hinge, pay attention to the material and weight. Because if the quality of the hinge is poor, after using a period of time, the cabinet door will be easier to appear loose phenomenon. Large brand of cabinet hardware will use cold-rolled steel, a stamping process. The hand handle is more thick and solid. The surface is also very smooth.

The surface coating of the hinge is relatively thick. It will not be easy to rust, with strong and durable characteristics. Load-bearing capacity is also strong. Low-quality hinges are usually welded by a thin sheet iron, with little resilience force. And it will lose the elasticity after using a period of time, which will make the cabinet door cannot closed tightly and even cracking.

When using the different quality hinges, the hand handle is different. When open the cabinet door , the power of the excellent quality hinge is soft. When the door is closed to 15 degree, it will rebound automatically. And the resilience force is uniform.

In view of this, when choosing the hinge, consumers should open and close the cabinet door for several times and experience the hand handle. Then observe the quality through the hand handle.

Notice the details, we can check whether the product is excellent and the hinge quality is outstanding from details. For the high-quality wardrobe hardware, the hand handle is relatively thick and solid, the surface is very smooth. And it is designed to achieve quiet effect.

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