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The Advantages Of The Nylon Pulley
Dec 11, 2017

Nylon material is famous for its high strength, high steel degree, good toughness, low creep wear resistance and good chemical stability. Nylon not only has the characteristics of ordinary nylon material, but also because of the high molecular weight crystallinity, the mechanical properties of the mechanical properties are excellent, which are more than 1.5 times higher than the general plastic, exceeding the common  engineering plastics.

Nylon has the following characteristics:

1. High mechanical strength. It can be suitable for large machinery.

2. Wear-resistant, good self-lubricating performance.

3. Shock absorption. Do not produce noise. Smooth operation.

4. Safe use.

Therefore, the wearing life of the nylon pulley is 4 - 5 times higher than that of steel and iron pulley. It has advantages of smooth sliding, low noise and long service life.

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