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Simply Introduce The Hinges Of Doors And Windows
Nov 28, 2017

Many people always mistake the hinge and hinge as a product. In fact, these are two products with the same use. Hinge is installed on or under the window sash, the hinge is installed on the left and right sides of the window sash. the position is different.

Then, what is the hinge?

The hinge is the key component of the connection and rotation between various doors and windows. It consists of two pieces of metal, a rotatable shaft is among them. Two metal plates are respectively installed between the door and doorframe, the doors and windows can freely open and close. You can observe that there will be this part between the doors and windows. Now some windows may use the steel plastic  rotation shafts, but their names are same, called the hinges.

Door and window hinge is divided into the door control hardware and ordinary aluminum alloy, plastic steel door and window hardware. The brand of the market is a lot, the material is also very complicated. In the main domestic big brand, mainly based on zinc alloy, there are also steel, nylon and so on.

The hinge is also called hinge, and its official name is hinge. The hinge is the part with is used to connect two parts of an object and enables it to operate. Ordinary hinges are used for cabinet doors, windows, etc. The material is iron, copper and stainless steel.

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