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Crescent Lock Related Knowledge
Nov 11, 2017

In fact, crescent lock is the window lock, in this point of view, it will be widely used in the upvc&aluminum sliding window. In fact,the hardware that controls the opening and closing of the sliding window is the crescent lock. it is more like crescent shaped in the shape we actually will call it the crescent lock.


Next, the appearance of the crescent lock is generally powder coated. Conventional colors are white, black , we can also customize color according to customer needs. In addition, the style of crescent lock is different, and the variety is also more.


On the quality of the crescent lock, when placed in the hands of the time, to weigh in fact there will be a heavy feeling; it is the appearance of the above will be relatively smooth, not what pitting phenomenon; then, when the crescent lock in the very great degree is to pay attention to should be rotated 180 degrees (360 degrees of rotation or spin lock) is more flexible and high-quality crescent and continues to rotate freely, when it is not what the noise is also relatively good elasticity.


Turn to the back to observe, the quality of the crescent lock is more spring structure. For its central material is galvanized material, not easy to rust; followed by its thickness from the material to observe, relatively speaking, it will be relatively thick.


Finally, for it would seem lighter and smaller, with the hand lock of the same size and the inferior crescent, intuitive sense, we will find that in fact is the appearance that will appear dim and dark, when opening the general not flexible, after long time of use easy, stuck or loosening of the phenomenon, as a result, it is to open or close and anti-theft performance weakened.

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