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Working principle and usage points of door and window pulleys
Sep 25, 2018

The door and window pulley is actually a mechanical device that looks simpler, and has a corresponding groove around its periphery, so that the small wheel can be rotated around the axis. Such a simple machine consisting of a disk that can be rotated around a central axis and a flexible cable (tape, cable, chain, etc.) that spans the disk can be rotated about the central axis.


The working principle of the door and window pulley: In the process we use, the position of the pulley is fixed. The fixed pulley is essentially an equal arm lever, which is effortless and effortless, but can change the direction of the force. The power arms of the lever are respectively The radius of the pulley, because the radius is equal, so the power arm is equal to the resistance arm, and the lever is neither laborious nor effortless.


Although the door and window pulleys are small, they play an important role in the use of doors and windows. In the process of use, sliding windows with a width of more than 1m, or doors and windows with double glazing should be equipped with double pulleys or rolling pulleys to prevent the accessories from being damaged. At the same time, the installation of the door and window pulleys is also very important. Door and window locks, handles, etc. should be assembled after the window door is inserted into the frame to ensure correct position and flexible switch.

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