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Window pulley's main function and purchasing skills
May 26, 2018

The window pulley looks like a relatively simple accessory, but it has a high frequency in practical applications. To know that a window pulley with excellent performance can not only reduce noise, but also can extend the life of doors and windows. Next, we briefly introduce to you the main function and how to buy.


As the name implies, the window pulley is a pulley that is mainly used for windows or doors, and its main function is to save labor. A good qualified product should meet these requirements: (1) beautiful appearance; (2) strong corrosion resistance; (3) smooth running of the pulley; (4) good opening and closing force; (5) repeated activation Closed; (6) Excellent temperature resistance.


In simple terms, we can think of the window pulley as a kind of deformation lever, which belongs to the simple machinery of lever type and has a wide range of applications. It not only saves labor but also changes the direction of force. At the same time, the product also includes different categories, in which the pulley driven pulley with the center axis moving with the weight is a deformed inequality lever, which is also called a labor-saving lever. Its advantage is that it can save half the force.


So, for consumers, how do you choose the right window pulley? First of all, we should know that the product is actually a non-negligible accessory in sliding doors and windows. Because the quality of the product will affect the push-pull use of the door and window, it is necessary to select the matching pulley when purchasing.


For now, most of the slides used in window pulleys are made of alloy materials, and some are made of copper. The slide rail of the alloy texture is divided into ordinary type and thick type, so it is also necessary to select according to the texture of the applicable door or window when selecting.


At the same time, the window pulleys with good quality will generally be matched with the pulley bearings made of stainless steel. Such bearings are tightly installed, and the sliding feel of the pulleys will not be noisy. There are even some window pulleys that have the effect of adjusting the height so that the window can be more closely connected to the rail.

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