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Wind bracing installation method
Jul 30, 2018

Wind support alias two links, the main function of this product is to connect two original independent things, and play a fixed, stable or limit role. Wind bracing is very versatile, such as opening the sash to a certain angle as needed, and restricting the sash from swinging freely due to wind pressure.


When encountering windy weather, the window sash can easily hit the window frame, which will affect the normal use of the window. The wind bracing can solve this problem well and effectively extend the service life of the window. So when you install, do you know how to do it?


When installing, first make sure that both sides are on the same level. If possible, install as much as possible so that you can work in sync when you use it. When opening the window, turn the handle to the 90° position, open the lock point, push the window sash to the maximum angle and release the hand, then the window sash is open. Connect the wind bracing between the window sash and the window frame. Its surface has a round button. As long as the button is led, it can be tightened and loosened to realize the window closing effect.

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