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Why do you use wind bracing on the hanging window of the hook profile?
Oct 24, 2018

In practical applications, the wind bracing must be used to limit the opening angle during the opening of the upper hanging window. At the same time, the hook profile used has certain special characteristics. This particularity is mainly manifested as: the hook profile cannot be installed with the sliding bracket, because the window can not be normally opened and closed after the sliding bracket is installed, so without the sliding support constraint When the window is subjected to wind pressure during use, it is easy to swing left and right.


In view of this situation, if the ordinary wind bracing product is used, only the effect of limiting the opening angle can be achieved, and the function of restricting the swinging of the window to the left and right is not provided. If the ordinary wind bracing is forcibly applied to the hanging window of the hook profile, the wind bracing is easily damaged.


In order to solve this problem, to avoid window shaking, or to open the angle problem, then we can use a set of wind bracing specially used for hooking the hanging window of the profile, this product can effectively solve the above problems. The main point of the product: can achieve multi-angle opening, limit, easy to ventilate, lighting.

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