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Which colors are upgraded by aluminum alloy doors and windows
Mar 29, 2018

First of all, when it comes to Aluminum Alloy windows upgrade, refers to the color change, mainly is also will include champagne, wood color sprayed into the mainstream consumer, the actual purchase time, attention should be paid on Aluminum Alloy doors and windows in the appearance of color, very romantic champagne color, and color painting has become the mainstream of grain on the market, it is also because of this, more people are home and good.


About the mainstream of romantic champagne, from the actual investigation, we know that champagne aluminum alloy doors and windows are also becoming the mainstream of market consumption. The romantic champagne aluminum alloy profile has been popular this year. The most popular and perfect electrophoretic technology has been popular this year. Every point, surface and hole can be evenly painted, with a smooth and delicate appearance, a warm and luster color and a luxurious temperament.


The color of the color wood grain on the aluminum alloy doors and windows is changeable: the color wood grain lacquer aluminum alloy doors and windows are also popular this year. For the color and style is very rich and varied color wood doors and windows, with elegant beautiful glass doors, chilled stiff 'face' it is going to be very magnificent. And our factory is specially responsible for the personnel in this area. It is about the effect of paint spraying on wood grain, and how to get hungry and varied in color.


The upgrading of doors and windows, including composite aluminum and wood structure, shows that the composite aluminum and wood doors and windows are made of aluminum and wood. On the one hand, they are smooth and delicate aluminum door frames. On the other hand, they are noble and warm wooden doorframes, like "double faced beauties".


This upgrade is used in windows and doors, double stitching, the outside is Aluminum Alloy, which is used in the pure wooden door, in the middle of it will increase the heat insulation plate more, this time also can resist the outside is cold and hot air, also can fire, mainly is the use in the balcony or kitchen the door is suitable for use in the high-end villas, penthouse, star hotel.

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