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What issues should be paid attention to when installing the crescent lock?
Oct 08, 2018

Crescent locks are widely used, so do you know how to install them? Usually before installation, you need to remove the lock cylinder baffle, put the lock core into the lock hole, fix the lock core to the door with two cross countersunk screws, and then fix the lock.


In other words, when installing the crescent lock, you need to fix the lock on the lock cylinder. There are two screw holes on the back of the lock. There are two lock screws in the accessory bag. It is fixed on the lock cylinder, and the other hand can be screwed into the lock with a hex wrench. During the installation process, it is also necessary to pay attention to the lock core line and the circuit board line in the free position in the lock hole, and the line cannot be exposed. Before tightening the screws, carefully check if there is any pressure line. If you need to squeeze the line to be pressed into the hole, make the line have a loose space.


After the normal installation of the crescent lock is completed, the combined oblique tongue and the oblique tongue can be freely ejected, and the square tongue can be smoothly extended, and the mechanical key can normally open the door.

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