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What is the handle?What's the effect?
Jan 04, 2018

Generally speaking, the handle is the device which is installed on the door and window fan and has a fastening effect after opening and closing.The handles are made of zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, iron and other related materials.There are many forms and different sizes (which meet different requirements of customers).That is to say, the handle that produces now besides can satisfy the feeling comfortable and the reasonable requirement of its force, in the time that use also can have a comparative good ornament adornment effect.

In the real life, the handle is the building decoration and furniture making  the commonly used for door window, window fan and drawer and other components of the handle.This product has developed rapidly in recent years.From the previous cast iron, iron plate making handle, pull handle, to present zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, iron handle,There will also be a detailed map of the shape, with the actual need for the welcome consultation.

In all ,the handle is installed on the door also window with open and closed after fastening device, and into when we close the doors and Windows,it is also by means of the effective cooperation of handle and other accessories, firmly put opens the door to door lock on the fixed frame.At this time, it is easier to achieve the function of the relative position of the internal and external frame.

Moreover, because the handle is different in size and form, and its performance is different,In view of this, we should pay attention to its use and modeling to choose the finished product or design separately according to the requirements of the building design.But the two points should communicate with the manufacturer.

Finally, we should note that handles can be divided into door handles and steel Window handles.When making the actual production, the door handle will be done with the door lock, with two kinds of bending handle and ball.The special handle of the steel window will be divided into the common handle, the linkage handle, the screen window handle with the window type, the actual use choice which still needs to be considered according to its performance and aesthetic degree.

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