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What are the advantages of pneumatic hinges
Mar 16, 2018

Pneumatic hinges, the full name is actually refers to pneumatic automatic closed hinges, when the actual investigation found that it is actually one of the more common on the market with automatic door closers with automatic closing hinges.


And when the pneumatic hinge is actually used, it is to gather door suction, hinge, and door closer together. The closing pressure and closing speed can be adjusted. When the door is open, it is relatively easy and the lock is locked. It will be more stable and the scope of application will be more extensive. The special device positioning system will also be positioned anywhere from 70 to 160 degrees, and it will be more suitable for any material door that can be installed with ordinary hinges.


When it comes to the advantages of pneumatic hinges, in detail, the first point, in terms of functionality, is that it will be very powerful. When it is used, it will directly set the door closers, common hinges, Door suction one, the real three-in-one; in this regard, pneumatic hinge design is also more advanced, in terms of its use is the principle of pneumatic buffering closed doors, coupled with the structure of the relatively sophisticated transmission mechanism, to achieve a free closed door effect.


Pneumatic hinge design is more practical, it can stop freely in the range of 70 ° to 160 °, can stop at any position; less than 70 ° automatically closed the door, for less than 30 ° when it will be automatically blocked The pressure can be arbitrarily adjusted, and the user will also adjust itself according to the weight of the door, in order to expect the best results.


The power element on the pneumatic hinge can be replaced. When the power element fails, it is necessary to pay attention to removing the air pressure rod from the top and replacing it. It does not need to be replaced like other hinges, saving users the cost. At the same time, it can also indirectly create value for users. Pneumatic hinges have strong load-bearing capacity, and they can support 100Kg doors with maximum load.

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