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Upvc window hinge installation steps
Oct 11, 2018

Plastic-steel windows are currently popular window products for consumers. When installing such windows, they often use accessories such as hinges. So in the actual application, how to complete the installation of the hinge?


Different installation methods can be used when installing. For example, the German-style installation method mentioned in our place refers to the hinge on the upper side in the middle. The advantage of installing the hinge of the upvc door in this way is quite stable, and the force of the door frame on the door page is better. However, it is not particularly necessary. As long as the correct hinge is selected as above, the force is sufficient, and if the door is particularly heavy, it is better to install a hinge directly.


The other is an American installation method. This proposal uses an average installation method, which is not only more beautiful, but also has a larger restriction on the hinges in case the door is somewhat deformed. Usually the hinges have decorative covers, which are directly buckled up. We need to take the decorative cover down to see the screws and install them.

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