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Transmission selection and application knowledge
Oct 17, 2018

At present, we are able to offer different types of espag rods to meet the individual needs of our customers: whether it is the same or the opposite espag rod, whether it is a mushroom lock, a lock hook or a round lock, whether it is with a lock or If you don't have a lock, you can choose according to your actual needs.


The structure of the espag rod itself is relatively simple, so the installation is quick and easy. It is standardized and equipped with an integrated tamper-proof protection pin and is available in different styles. In fact, the hardware espag rod is a very important part of the door and window. It is because of this component that the opening of the door and window is simpler and more convenient.


Generally, the window espag rod product is sealed in the actual application and the sash is mainly lapped, and the overlapping portion of the fan and the frame is called the lap amount. If the transmission handle is used, a certain gap is required between the frame fans to install the espag rod, so the amount of overlap is smaller. Otherwise, the espag rod mounted on the fan easily collides with the window frame, which affects the switch of the window fan.

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