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The upper hanging window card type wind bracing correct use method
Sep 27, 2018

The wind bracing can play a good role of fixing and supporting, and is applied more in the upper hanging window. For the time being, the upper suspension window is positioned by the card wind bracing to resist the wind pressure and the opening size of the restriction window is less than 300 mm. However, in practical applications, damage is caused due to improper operation of many users.


In fact, the wind bracing is very simple to use. In order to meet the requirements of synchronous work during opening, it is required to ensure that the two wind braces are at the same height during installation, and install them as far as possible. After installation, when we open the window, we turn the handle 90°, open the lock point, push the sash to the maximum size, and then let go, this is the window is completely open.


When closing the window, remember not to pull the handle directly. Instead, push the window slightly outward to push it to the maximum position, then let go, this is the positioning tooth rotation on the wind bracing, so that the wind When the support is retracted, the window is closed, and the right hand is turned 90°, and the window is completely locked.

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