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The structure and related installation precautions of the crescent lock
Jan 20, 2018

A crescent lock is a locking device, especially a crescent lock applied to a sliding door window.Lock structure mainly includes the lock, crescent hook and handle, crescent hook and will handle by a shaft and lock to connect, crescent clasps and handle with transformation between crescent and handle on the relative position between the reversing positioner.

Crescent lock open: because the link between the hook and handle will be set with the reversing positioner, so according to the need to change the direction of crescent between hook and handle then turn the handle to make the crescent hook in an open or lock position.This kind of structural feature makes the crescent lock more widely used for different installation directions of doors and Windows, and also improves its own use convenience performance.

Installation precautions of crescent lock:

1. Remove the core baffle before installation, put the lock core into the lock hole, and fasten the lock core to the door with two cross countersunk screws, and then the lock head.

2. When install the crescent lock, cylinder needs to be fixed on the key cylinder, at the back of cylinder there are two screw holes,also two locks screws inside the accessories bag , first one hand fixed cylinder on the key cylinder, the other hand tighten the screw with hex wrench screw in to the cylinder.

3.The installation of the crescent lock should leave some space for the lines, then it can be easily combined. After all these attention above, the crescent lock is installed.After installation, the crescent lock is very flexible and smooth when it is opened or closed, and the service life is higher.

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