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The specification and size design of hinges
Aug 21, 2018

In our lives, the use of hardware has become more widespread. The hinge is one of the commonly used hardware, and is currently commonly used in the use of doors and windows. The small hinges carry the whole life key and should not be underestimated. At the same time, for different product designs, the hinge design requirements are also different.


Next, let's take a look at the specifications and size standards used in common hinge products in practical applications, so that they can be used in practical applications. This product, also known as a hinge, consists of a pair of metal or non-metallic blades joined by a pin, often two folds. It is a device that connects, and rotates, a door, a cover, or other parts that require a swing switch.


In terms of structural composition, the accessories included in the hinges are: hinge sheets, hinge axes, hinge bearings, and hinge plugs. The plugs serve the aesthetics and shaft protection. Currently commonly used hinge specifications and length and width dimensions are usually: 2 inches * 1.5-1.8 inches; 2.5 inches * 1.7 inches; 3 inches * 2 inches; 4 inches * 3 inches; 5 inches * 3-3.5 inches; 6 inches * 3.5-4 and so on.

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