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The selection of security window screens and window screen handles
Dec 28, 2017

Window screen handles are applied to the security window screen, so we should pay attention to the selection of the security window screen.When actual purchase, the market compares cheap "security window screen" is around 300-400 yuan per square, but high-grade security window screen is around 2000 yuan per square.To understand the difference, pay attention to the way you choose.

In selecting security window screen and window screen handle, we should pay attention to from the appearance on the screen about the same, however, a lot of details, the influence of the process or parts and materials directly to the cost of window screen.

the difference of window screen handles basically is a brand the gap, also has the lock gauze window handle the security design and its technological aspect difference.For example, the difference between the interlocking latch and the common window lock is more than 10 times.

For the difference of security window screen’s net material,only the metal burglar mesh part is already  very complicated, some is special alloy material, some is the stainless wire was sprayed with paint, the cheap security window screen normally use this one, also some painted barbed wire, the performance have very big difference then .

The selection of the security window screen handle and related accessories is an important part of anti-theft, which means that the lock and Stainless steel lock point also the window handles are very important.The quality of these parts is not up to standard and the anti-theft function will be greatly reduced.It is recommended to purchase according to actual needs, so as to strengthen the actual anti-theft function.

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