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The role of internal hardware system
Feb 04, 2019

The internal open inner hardware system is mainly used for the inner open inner structure of the window. In practical applications, we can rotate the window handle to drive the interlocking hardware inside the window, so that the window is locked (the handle is vertical) Bottom) The window at different positions of the flat (handle horizontal) inside (handle vertical). Remember, the fan must be pressed against the frame during the rotation operation, otherwise it is easy to operate incorrectly.


If the internal hardware system is not used properly, it means that there is a problem with the installed hardware. For example, is the lock point not suitable for the size? Is the inner transmission member part installed too tightly, and the safety distance is too small? After the installation master looks at the adjustment, there is no problem.


Generally speaking, the doors and windows produced by regular manufacturers will be arranged for professional personnel to install and debug, so as to avoid inconvenience in the future use. Need to remind everyone that the newly installed doors and windows must be hands-on operation to see if there is a situation in which the internal hardware system is not operating smoothly, and the installation personnel should be re-commissioned in time.

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