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The purchase and maintenance of hinges.
May 05, 2018

Hinges on the choose and buy, it is more intuitive to note with the hand touch, advantages and disadvantages of different hinge on when using the handle is different, the quality of hinges in open cupboard door when strength is more soft, close to 15 degrees occurs automatically rebound, back stretch also appears very evenly. Consumers can pay attention to multi-switch cabinet door and experience the feel of hand when shopping.

When you are shopping, you need to pay more attention to detail. From a detail, we can see whether the product is good or not, so we can confirm whether the quality of the product is superior. The hardware of high quality chest hardware feels thick, the surface is smooth, in the design even reached the effect of mute. The inferior hardware is made of cheap metal, such as thin iron, and the cupboard door stretches raw and even has a harsh sound.

In addition to the visual inspection and the smooth and smooth surface of the product, we should pay attention to the reset performance of the hinge spring. The quality of the reed also determines the opening Angle of the door plate, the quality of the reed can be opened Angle more than 90 degrees.

And hinges on the hang of the choose and buy when, can we open the hinges 95 degrees, also must pay attention to the hinges on both sides with the hand after you push hard on the, look at the supporting spring won't appear deformation, broken, strong enough for the quality of qualified products. And the service life of inferior hinge is short, when use, easy to appear to fall off, compare chang 'an is this cupboard door, condole ark falls down, mostly because of the quality of the hinge is not the result of pass.

Maintenance of hinges on hinges on dust above it is best to dry soft cloth to wipe gently, do not use chemicals or acid liquid cleaner, if found this hard to remove the surface of the black spots, at that time also must pay attention to should be wiped with a little kerosene; It is also normal to make a noise when the use time is long. To ensure that the hinge is continuous and smooth, you can add lubricating oil regularly every 2 to 3 months.

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