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The preparation and characteristics of the hinges
May 10, 2018

Before the assembly of the sub-master hinges is installed, care must be taken to determine whether the height, width, and thickness of the hinges match the door. Height, width, and thickness of the hinge do not match the hinge load can not meet the requirements, affect the use of the door; hinge installation requires matching screws and other fastening accessories, check whether the accessories are complete, the quantity is complete; Determine the number of hinges installed and the height of the installation.


Next, when it comes to the hinge, it is a hinge that will be installed on the interior door. The sub-master hinge is a comparative image title, and the reason why there is such a title, that is because of the special structure of this hinge, composed of two pieces inside and outside, especially like the mother and child two, a very image , so it is called the mother-in-law hinge.


The selection of material hinges will generally be made of stainless steel, iron, and copper materials, and in terms of its main body, it will include hinge plates and hinge shafts. The main feature of the page is that the hinge sheet is divided into a sub-page sheet and a parent sheet sheet. Both the sub-page sheet and the parent sheet sheet are mounted on the hinge shaft and form a hinge connection, both in the same tangential direction of the hinge shaft. The sub-page slice resembles the part of the parent page 'empty'. The sub-page can be rotated 360° about the central axis, and can then be fitted into the parent page to form a complete page.


The sub-pages in the sub-master hinge both have holes in the sub-sheet and the mother sheet. When the actual installation is performed, the screws are installed to fix the door leaf and the door frame so as to achieve normal opening and closing and closing effects.


The hinges are especially suitable for centering, depth, and edge-fitting in the door frame. It is not necessary to open the hinges of the door hinges (grooves) as in the case of hinged hinges. The gap between the door frame and the door leaf is reasonable and will not damage the whole. The aesthetic effect is also faster and easier to install. And when the purchase was found, the price of the mother-family hinge was only 3/5 of the ordinary hinge, which made it more and more popular with consumers.

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