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The main role and use of wind bracing
Jan 23, 2019

In our lives, the application of wind bracing is very common, which can open the sash to a certain angle according to need, and limit the sash to swing freely due to wind pressure. In addition, the wind bracing is used to connect the main arches on both sides in the tie arch bridge to maintain the integrity and stability of the main arch.


That is to say, the main function of the wind bracing is to connect two separate things, and is often referred to as a two-link. It mainly plays a role of fixing, stabilizing or limiting. Therefore, the window can be used more stably and conveniently.


At present, the wind bracing is mostly applied to the hanging window. The presence of the device can make the object more complete and stable, and can make the window swing without being affected by the wind, so that the window can be safely used. There are only one type of four-link window support and wind bracing on the field, which is only suitable for use on the hanging

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