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The main components of the sliding support and their respective functions
Jul 31, 2018

The sliding brackets are usually made of stainless steel, which is mainly used to connect the sash and window frame, and the link type movable linking device which helps the window to open and close more flexibly. The sliding support is mainly composed of a sliding rail, a slider, a supporting arm, a long cantilever, a short cantilever, an inclined cantilever and the like, wherein the slider is mounted on the sliding rail, and the long cantilever is hinged between the sliding rail and the supporting arm.


These different components together constitute a sliding support, and in practice, each has a different role. such as

The support arm is mainly used to install the sash and serve as a supporting part. The cantilever is the part used to connect the arm and the rail. The slide rail is used for mounting on the window frame to support the movement of the slider.


In addition, in the sliding structure, the slider, the wrap angle and the sword head are also indispensable parts. The slider is a part that moves and guides in the slide rail. The wrap angle is a part that is attached to the end of the rail and functions as a fixed bracket when the sliding bracket is closed. The sword head mainly refers to the part where the end of the arm is in contact with the wrap angle.

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