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The introduction and function of the hinge
Oct 27, 2017

The hinge is a mechanical device used to connect two solids and allow a relative rotation between the two solids. A hinge can be made up of movable components, or consist of a collapsible material. The hinge is mainly installed on the cabinet. According to the material classification, the hinge is mainly divided into stainless steel hinge and iron hinge. In order to make people get better enjoyment, the hydraulic hinge ( also called damping hinge ) appears, which is characterized by the buffering function when the door is closed, and the maximum extent of the noise caused by the collision of the cabinet door when the door is closed.

The hinge occupies an important position in furniture hardware fittings. The quality of hinge is directly related to the use of furniture and door.


If you wanna buy inward casement window hardware ,you can choose the following items:

-Handle +espag rod+hinge+friction stay

Handle:LH-HD01,LH-HD02,LH-HD03 and LH-HD04

Espag rod:LH-ES01,LH-ES02

Hinge:LH-HG01,LH-HG02 and LH-HG03

Friction stay :as your requirement


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