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The important role of espag rod.
Oct 22, 2018

As an important accessory for door and window products, the actuator has an important role and influence on the use of doors and windows. At present, when processing the espag rod, it is often made by a one-time stamping process, and the production process is strictly managed, so that the finished product has the advantages of durability and rust prevention. Under normal circumstances, the number of transmissions of the product reaches 200,000 times, which is suitable for the opening and closing of plastic steel doors and windows.


That is to say, the main purpose of the espag rod is the hardware fittings for doors and windows. When processing, the surface treatment used is generally electroplating. The available colors are silver, gold, color, etc. Others can provide oem. For the requirements of different customers, the materials selected for this product include iron and steel.


For the user, when selecting the accessory of the espag rod, it is often necessary to comprehensively analyze the factors such as product style, material, specification, requirements, packaging and price to select a product that is more suitable for oneself.


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