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The importance of crescent lock in daily life
Oct 16, 2018

For modern people, the crescent lock has become a common object of opinion in our lives, and it plays a major role in protecting property, privacy and security. With the development of society and the advancement of science and technology, this product has also been continuously innovated and developed. At present, the style of the crescent lock has a long handle, a short handle, and a diagonal handle.


In the structural design, several important data can not be ignored, one of which is the height of the crescent lock, that is, the distance from the base to the highest point of about 5 mm from the center of the crescent; the other is the use width, which means The distance from the centerline of the screw to the crescent. There is also a distance from the centerline of the screw to the edge of the base.


In practical applications, a high-quality crescent lock can not only bring us a sense of security, but also play a certain role. As a production enterprise, when designing and producing crescent lock products, it is necessary not only to do internal and external repairs, but also to promote the brand image and influence, while also building a strong driving force to promote the healthy development of the company.

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