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The following are advantages of the friction hinge.
Oct 28, 2017

1.There is no need to destroy the external block gine, so the window has better sealing performance.

2.The maximum opening angle of the window can be controlled ( meaning that the friction hinge can be fixed to the opening angle according to the safety  requirements ). The rotation shaft hinge must be controlled by an additional support arm to control the opening angle.

3.The most important thing is that when the friction hinge is opened, there is space to clean the window from the room. Thereby it will avoid the danger that people will fall when they are cleaning the window.

4.The wind load resistance ability of the friction hinge is better than the rotation shaft hinge. And the rotation shaft hinge must use wind bracing to ensure the wind load resistance ability.

5.Low price: two friction hinges can achieve the use of two hinges and a wind bracing.


If you wanna buy ouward casement window hardware ,you can choose the following items:

-Casement handle+casement espag rod +friction hinge+friction stay

-Cockspur handle+friction hinge+friction stay

Casement handle :LH-HD07 and LH-HD08

Cockspur handle :LH-HD09,LH-HD10 and LH-HD11

Casement espag rod :LH-EC03,LH-EC04 and LH-EC06

Friction hinge :as your requirement

Friction stay :as your requirement

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