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The difference between the performance of casement windows and sliding windows
Mar 17, 2018

With respect to the three properties of the doors and windows (wind pressure resistance, water tightness, and airtightness), casement windows are generally better than sliding windows. However, when it is actually used, we must also pay attention to the fact that the wind pressure resistance of doors and windows depends on the moment of resistance of the main member of the door and window. The larger the section of the profile, the larger the resistance moment of the profile is. However, it is not exactly proportional.


The general profile of the casement window is relatively small in cross-section, but the main stress member is the ramming material or the middle vertical material. These main stress members will be correspondingly reinforced during the design, and the wind pressure resistance performance It will also look better. Sliding window profile sections generally appear to be large, and wind pressure performance should be better.


The watertightness of the doors and windows depends on the sealing effect of the opening. The flattened windows are generally sealed by rubber strips. The sliding window will be sealed by tops. The sealing effect of the strips is better than that of the tops. As far as airtightness is concerned, according to the current use of two-point locks or heaven and earth locks on the market to open the fan part of the open fan part, the sealing effect is better. In summary, the flat window is generally better than the sliding window in terms of three properties. For high-end commercial and residential buildings will also choose to use casement windows.


The thermal performance of casement windows and sliding windows is also not the same. As mentioned above, because the open windows in the market are sealed with sealant strips, the sliding window is sealed with tops, and the seal effect of the strip is generally better than that of the top seal. All the casement windows have better thermal performance.


Compared with sliding windows, the sliding window is generally simple in structure, and there are no special requirements for the equipment. Therefore, small workshops for small chainsaws will be used for processing. The flat window will use thick aluminum alloy parts. 45 degrees to connect, you need to be better "impact corner" and "double-head cutting saw" can produce excellent aluminum alloy flat window.

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