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The difference between hinges ,wind bracing and gemel
Dec 15, 2017

1.The gemel often referred to as open or closed when doing casement and rotation of four-bar linkage, sometimes also can be six -bar linkage or other truss structure, its mechanical characteristics are in the process and open casement opened under the main vertical load (such as gravity) and horizontal load (such as wind).The gemel is mainly shear force in the casement window, and it is mainly subjected to axial force in the top-hung window, which is the essential difference between the two gemel types, so it must not be mixed.In addition, the opening Angle of the casement window is generally more demanding, so it is necessary to require the gemel to move longer, so it usually requires a half ~ 2/3 of the width of the window, while the top-hung window is about 1 or so.

2.The wind bracing usually refers to the limit device that keeps the window open, usually a two-bar linkage or other rod system (such as the support rod of the two connecting rods can be telescoped, and the opening Angle of the window can be adjusted).

3.The hinge is usually a device that keeps a window open or closed, and is a system with a rotating shaft

4.Differences and links of the three:

a.The gemel is different from the wind bracing position. Such as the top-hung window, and the wind bracing is used in the corner of the window, while the wind is in the corner of the lower part of the window, or the lower part of the window. The functions of wind brace and the gemel is different: gemel support and maintain open casement movement, are important in the whole process of stress bar, but the wind bracing is only works when keep the window open Angle, the stress generally smaller (the force can be determined according to the moment balance).The same window, the installation position of gemel is relatively fixed, but the wind bracing can be a wide range adjustment at the bottom of the window, the wind bracing length and installation position, determine the casement opening Angle range.

b.The hinge is fully connected with the gemel function during the opening of the window. Therefore, many times, the gemel is also called hinge.But using the hinge window fan only happens to rotate, while the hinge window fan rotate and translational motion at the same time.Many times hinge and gemel can replace each other, but in some special cases you must use hinge, such as window generally use hinge, such as large casement Windows again (like the door of a large window) using gemel generally it is difficult to meet the requirements of the stress, then you need to use multiple hinge joint force.

c.The difference of material, the gemel and wind bracing generally is unembroidered steel , and the hinge has unembroidered steel, also aluminum alloy and other materials.

1.When hinges used on the window , since itself does not provide friction like gemel, so it often with another cross brace are used together, in order to avoid when the window opens, the wind will blow back to the window and damage it.

The gemel is different, he can provide a certain amount of friction, so can be used alone, but with share in rotation on the casement Windows above the gemel has a slightly different, outside the window frame connected with arm length is different, when topspin window reaches a certain size, because of gravity, also want to use with certain cross brace, also have called the wind bracing.

1.The gemel of the top-hung window has the essential difference from the gemel of the casement window , generally not mixed use

2.While the gemel of the casement window is chosen, usually at least 2/3 of the width of the window, of course the small window can be 1/2;The gemel of top-hung window is chosen, generally at least one half of the window width;

3. Obviously, the gemel of the casement window and the gemel of the top-hung window have obvious differences in window height, window width, window weight and opening Angle.For example, the casement window opens with a large Angle, while the window is very small.

4. In general, when the gemel of top-hung window is chosen, the installation space is approximately 16.5 ~ 17mm, while the installation space of the casement window is approximately 16 ~ 16.5 mm.

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