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The difference between a mother-child hinge and a plain-leaf hinge and a normal hinge
Mar 01, 2018

When it comes to the difference between a mother-child hinge and a plain-leaf hinge and a normal hinge, first of all, it is to take note of the unilateral thickness when the hinge of the mother-child closure is closed, but the closed double- Thickness, the difference is that when installed on the door, the child's hinge does not need to go to the slot, the nail can be directly on the door, but the open side of the door to open a slot in the hinge inlaid Inside the slot.


Therefore, the specific use of the time, the mother and child hinge in the installation and use of more convenient, but its disadvantage is that its tolerance is not open, the advantages for the flat is to bear the power is very good, after all, is to dig both sides of the groove Even force. In view of the advantages and disadvantages of their existence, the actual application, the general installation of the mother and daughter installed three, two can be opened with the understanding of the tacit agreement.


On the hinge, in fact, is also used to assist the opening and closing of doors and windows hardware. The habit of doors and windows directly affect the service life of doors and windows. Due to the common planning of the mother hinge, the direct equipment for grooving can be avoided, the door integrity is greatly enhanced, and then the suitability of the hinge for various types of inner doors can be enhanced immediately.


As mentioned above, in terms of durability, the parent-child hinge does not have a flat-sheet performance. Because the length of the mother-child hinge is the same as the length of the normal hinge, the inner and outer sheets of the mother-daughter hinge must also be overlapped so that their performances will be greatly different.


In terms of convenience, the advantage of the hinge is more obvious. Because the mother and son hinge is a big selling point is the use of convenience. Peace hinge for comparison, the mother of the hinge does not have to grooving directly to reduce the damage to the door, so that it will make the door look more beautiful. And now some non-solid wooden doors or hollow wooden doors do not need to slot, if the use of flat pages, forced slotting device, will make the door problems. Therefore, the actual hinge, according to the specific circumstances of the choice.

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