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The choice of aluminum sliding door to pay attention to the following options
Feb 24, 2018

Aluminum sliding doors are now slowly into the modern family among them, but the face of the market above a large number of brands, how do we choose or need a lot of attention. The choice of aluminum sliding door, including the selection of the border profile, the choice of pulleys and brand choices, on these few options, let's briefly introduce it.


In the choice of aluminum alloy sliding door, the choice of border profile, the thickness of the border profile must reach 1.2mm-1.5mm, this way, the highest is to be able to do sliding door 2.8 meters, and the actual use of the time Will be shaken, very solid, if the wall thickness is less than 1.2mm, then the maximum can only be done within 2 meters, too high will appear shaking phenomenon, especially prone to problems, so when processing and selection should pay attention.


Aluminum sliding door in the pulley of choice, due to the general installation of the pulley in the sliding door at the bottom. A pulley will probably be divided into two parts, one part of the bearing, the other part of the bearing outer cladding. Good or bad bearing on the durability of sliding doors play a key role, a good sliding door is to pay attention to the use of imported light steel ball bearings, bearings and above indicate the manufacturer and its product model, bearing the edge of the mark, the steel outside Set should also have a logo of their own company.


Aluminum sliding doors on the pulley of the choice should be avoided to choose to the center of the pulley without bearings, if only by applying lubricant, through the mechanical friction to achieve the sliding effect, such a pulley is easily contaminated with dust, and once the grease is dry Will appear blocked.


Aluminum sliding door in the choice of time, the brand is one of the more important aspect. Good aluminum sliding door products and good brands have a very close relationship, in view of this, we can not easily believe the so-called recommended products, we believe that manufacturers of good products, the authority issued a certificate, will be issued Some business testing reports, which is also able to guarantee the quality.

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