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The characteristics of the gate lock
Dec 09, 2017

There are a wide range of locks on the market today. The gate lock can be divided into the gateway lock, bedroom lock, channel lock, bathroom lock, and so on according to the application. And it is divided into the spherical lock, handle lock, mortise lock and son on according to its shape. The spherical lock and handle lock both have the functions of locking, handle and ball latch.

①Gateway lock: It has the insurance effect, so also known as the safety lock or anti-theft lock.

②Channel lock: It does not have the insurance effect. It is suitable for the gate lock of the kitchen, hallway, living room and kinderzimmer.

③Bathroom lock: The characteristic is that it can be locked inside, and  can be opened outside the door by the key. It is suitable for the toilet and bathroom.

④Bedroom lock: It can be locked inside, and must be opened outside the door by the key. It is suitable for the bedroom and balcony door.

Cooper: It is one of the most widely used lock materials. Its mechanical properties are good, corrosion resistance and processing properties are good, and the color is gorgeous. In particular, copper forged handle and other lock decorative pieces have level surface, good density, no air hole, and voids.

Stainless steel:Durable, and it will be brighter after using. It has good strength, strong corrosion resistance, and color is unchanged.

Zinc alloy material: Strength and rust prevention capability are poor. The advantage is it is easy to make complex pattern parts, especially pressure casting. The more complex patterns seen in the market are more than zinc alloy.

Aluminum or aluminum alloy:Common aluminum alloy (except aeronautic and astronautic applications) is soft and light. Material strength is lower, but is easy to process forming.

Now, the hand lock sells well. The spherical lock is out of date and generally is not used. Relatively speaking, when turning the lock, the smaller the sound is, the better will be. Turn the hand shank a little, and the spring bolt will follow up. In terms of the shape of the key, the " pit" key lock is safer than the " tooth" key lock. But if the " pit" key is lost, it must be fitted to the original factory. The more the number of square head tongues of lock is, the better the safety will be.

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