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The characteristics of a single point handle and the difference between it and the multi-point handle
Oct 09, 2018

From the functional analysis, door and window handles can be divided into different types. A single point handle is one of these types. This device can be used to open and close the window and lock the function by turning the handle. From the structural and functional point of view, its structure is relatively simple, the window can be opened and closed and locked by turning the handle, and the device such as the transmission rod (transmission lock) is not required to cooperate with the safety work. Can be straightforward to understand as a rotating pin.


The multi-point lock handle system is also one of the commonly used products. How is it different from the single-point lock handle system? In fact, the multi-point lock handle system is mainly used to lock the transmission rod and the lock seat, and the single-point lock handle system is an independent whole to achieve its own lock.


That is to say, in practical applications, the safety of the multi-point lock handling system is better than that of the single-point locking handle system, but its cost is also high. Multi-point lock handles are mainly used in aluminum alloy swing doors and windows. If there are no safety hazards in doors and windows, single-point lock handles can be used. Single-point locks are mainly used in indoor doors and windows.

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