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The change and the related manufacturing process of upvc pop up handles
Dec 27, 2017

To change the lock of upvc pop up handles, the first point is to find the pull screw to pull down (the indoor side),The lock core retaining screw of lock should also be careful to remove (indoor);Third point, the lock core corresponds to the horizontal position in the middle of the lock (in the thick position of the door), which means that the screw should be taken care of. (no other screws, only one).

Remove the lock core of the upvc pop up handles to replace it with a new one, then install the upvc pop up handle.

The maintenance principle of the upvc pop up handle is that there is a plate barrier inside the lock called Lever lock spring.Lock spring has grooves, also has a H shaped groove, and the bolt has a raised part will receive in this groove, when the key into the lock hole, a rotating rod bump will top up lock spring, continue to rotate the key can make the bolt on the raised by H groove making bars moving.

When it comes to the assembly of the upvc pop up handle, it is important to make sure that the profile is assembled directly according to the construction large sample graph to connect the connection parts.The assembly way has 45 ° Angle docking 、 Rectangular docking 、 Vertical butt these three very important forms.

The assembly of upvc pop up handle and the connection of the pvc window vertical bar adopt the special connector and the aluminum Angle.Fixed with screws, bolts or aluminum pins, and the pvc Windows, including the upvc pop up handle with lock should be packaging and protection.

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