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Swing window sliding replacement step
Sep 26, 2018

The casement window has many advantages and is now a mainstream product in the market. And if you want to make it a reasonable application, you also need to choose the matching "sports hardware" - sliding support. In fact, the reliable sliding support can solve many of our troubles, such as the fan drooping, the switch is not smooth, the seal is not good.


So, when you change the swing of the casement window, do you know the specific steps? Usually this replacement operation should be carried out by a professional. The slide is placed in the lower frame of the window and fixed in the lower position of the sash. You can try to open and close before installation. When installing, use the installation method of the rear plug, first install the frame, and then install the fan in the order. The door and window frame is connected to the wall by an 8×75 iron riser.


Remember, before installation, the actual size of the window should be carefully checked with the doors, windows and drawings, and the installation position of the window frame in the thickness direction and horizontal direction of the wall of the hole should be determined; then the verticality and level of the frame should be adjusted appropriately; The upper and lower positions of the frame are moderate, the level is the same, and the top and bottom are vertical; after the sliding support is installed, the sealant is sealed inside and outside the frame.

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