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Structural design improvement of the espagnolette
Jan 07, 2019

The espagnolette is an accessory for door and window connections, usually mounted on a door sash, and is driven between the handle and the linkage mechanism. The outer casing of the door and window espagnolette is encased on a side periphery of the inner casing, and the inner casing can protrude from the outer casing. The elastic adjusting device includes an adjusting screw penetrating the inner casing and passing through the outer casing and a spring mounted between the inner casing and the outer casing.


That is to say, in the structural composition of the door and window espagnolette, the elastic adjusting device comprises an adjusting screw and a spring; the inner casing is provided with a screw mounting hole, and the screw mounting hole is divided into an aperture from top to bottom, pressing "small- a large-small-large" changing four-section and forming a boss in the screw mounting hole, the outer casing is provided with a boss on the screw mounting hole and a screw is provided on the screw mounting hole hole.


The espagnolette is designed with an adjustable double-shell, so that the entire outer dimensions and the position of the switch gear can be changed and adjusted as needed to form a standard for espagnolettes that adapt to a variety of different door and window frames. It is beneficial to reduce the manufacturing cost of the industry, and is also conducive to the promotion of the

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