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Special attention should be paid to the selection of door locks
Aug 01, 2018

A comfortable and safe home always needs a safe and reliable door lock. In the current market, all kinds of door locks are rich in style, complete in style and different in function. For consumers, this provides a lot of room for choice, but also brings some problems. In the selection process, what should be considered?


In fact, a good quality door lock, the first appearance is to achieve higher quality standards. From the surface of the lock, the appearance must be uniform in color, no bruises, scratches, no peaks. Secondly, from the performance aspect of the analysis, the main considerations are: whether the button on the front panel of the lock is open freely; whether the spring of the button has elasticity; the knob on the rear panel, whether the duck egg is free to open; whether it is not smooth enough when it is turned, and so on.


In addition, during the selection process, the material quality of the door lock should also be considered. At present, the most common type of door lock materials are: zinc alloy, copper lock, stainless steel lock, smart lock and so on. Users can choose according to their needs and preferences.

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