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Sliding support selection criteria and selection of fastening screws or screws
Oct 19, 2018

Usually, when selecting this part of the sliding support, it should first be determined according to the weight of the window and the size of the window. In the calculation, it can be calculated according to the load bearing weight = sash weight (glass weight ten window fan profile weight) X safety factor. Also confirm the series or specifications that meet the load bearing requirements.


Next is the choice of its length specification, most of which is chosen by two-thirds of the window width. If the window is light, it can be 1/2. In addition, the maximum opening angle of the sash is also related to the selection and installation position of the sliding support series.


It should be noted that in the actual installation process, the fastening screws or screws of the sliding bracket should be selected according to the actual situation. It is recommended to use a countersunk head wherever there is a counterbore, and a pan head in other places such as chutes or where there are no countersinks. This will ensure the firmness and reliability of its installation. At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure that the sliding support is closely connected with the sash and the window frame, and must not be loose.

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