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Sliding door pulley features, maintenance and cleaning
Mar 14, 2018

Because the sliding door can play an artistic and beautifying function, coupled with its features of flexibility, flexibility, and ease of relocation, it has always been valued by people and is considered as an important appliance for arranging living rooms. What are the features, maintenance, and cleaning of the sliding door pulley? Let's briefly introduce it.


The sliding door pulley can prevent gravity from hitting the door body, and it is strictly forbidden to use sharp tools or gravity to damage the sliding door and the track, which will cause obstacles; if the pulley or other accessories are damaged, this time it is necessary to pay attention to contact with the manufacturer or please Professional maintenance workers make repairs. Because the sliding door looks relatively simple, but its structure and accessories are still relatively many. In addition to the protection of the track and other aspects is very important, the seal top and the glass seal are key structures to ensure the sealing of the sliding door, heat preservation and sound insulation. It is said that it played a protective role.


Sliding door pulley maintenance:


As for the pulley, in simple terms, it is the soul of the entire interior door. Its body is small, effective and relatively large. It determines the service life of the sliding door. On the sliding door, the main pulley will also slide with the bearing, do not need to add lubrication, only need to pay attention to cleaning debris, to ensure that there is no debris affect the sliding.


In general, when a good pulley is being maintained, it should be noted that there should be a bearing wheel with silicone oil inside it. No lubrication is required. If it is a general bearing or a rubber wheel, it also needs to slide on it every six months. Lubricate the parts.


Sliding door pulley cleaning:


When the sliding door pulleys are cleaned, they should pay attention to regularly cleaning the surface of the sliding door with a soft cloth or a neutral detergent. Do not use ordinary soap and washing powder, and do not use decontamination powder, toilet detergent, etc. Strong acid-base cleaner.


If the stainless steel material used for the main material of the sliding door is used, it is not necessary to use a wet rag when cleaning, and wiping with a dry rag is also possible; the slide groove is cleaned periodically to keep the sliding door open and closed smoothly; Do not allow the use of sandpaper, wire brushes or other abrasives for cleaning. After cleaning, it must be cleaned with clean water.

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