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Selection method of upvc window actuator
Sep 25, 2018

At the same time as the installation of plastic-steel windows, it is often necessary to use the corresponding accessories. One of the important accessories is the plastic-steel window actuator. This accessory is directly related to whether the upvc window is used smoothly in the future, so how can we choose a high-quality upvc window actuator as a user?


From the current market product development situation, the upvc window actuator is structurally divided into inner opening and outer opening, and this needs to be selected in combination with the window opening method of the upvc window casement window. At the same time, different specifications of products are applicable to different upvc windows. The 12-inch 13.5-square specification is: broken aluminum, upvc, aluminum alloy casement window, 12 inch 18.5 square specification: upvc casement window special specification, aluminum alloy casement The window can also be used, but the broken aluminum casement window is not available in 18.5 square size.


It can be seen that the choice of upvc window actuators should not only pay attention to the structure and performance of the product itself, but also consider its size. I hope that the above-mentioned contents will help you to purchase upvc window actuators.


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