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Selection and application of inner hanging upper hanging hardware for plastic steel doors and windows
Nov 22, 2018

As a new building material for manufacturing plastic doors and windows, U-PVC has been widely used for its advantages of heat preservation, energy saving, airtightness and watertight performance. After more than ten years of hard work, the industry has entered a stage of rapid development. Therefore, to realize the unique functions of plastic doors and windows, on the one hand, in addition to the factors such as profile selection, manufacturing and processing, installation and construction, the more important aspect is to ensure the hardware with its matching. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's material and cultural life, people's requirements for doors and windows have also changed constantly. The application of the upper hanging hardware has greatly improved the performance of doors and windows, and has been widely used.


1. The composition of the inner hanging upper hanging hardware


It is composed of a transmission lock, a steering angle, an upper suspension part, a lower corner part, a diagonal tie rod, a lock block, an upper and a lower hinge, and an intermediate lock.


Second, the working principle of the inner hanging open hanging hardware


Swinging the upper hanging window is to rotate the window handle to drive the interlocking hardware inside the window, so that the window is locked (the handle is vertically downward), flat (handle horizontal), and the upper hanging (hand vertical up) is different. The window of the location. (Note: The fan must be pressed against the frame during the rotation operation, otherwise it is easy to operate incorrectly).


Third, the function and scope of the inner hanging open window


After the window is installed, you can choose the swing type or the top suspension type:


1. Overhang function: indoors enters a proper amount of new air, which not only saves space, but also has certain anti-theft function.


2, swing function: indoors can enter a lot of air and easy to wipe the glass.


3, lock function: to achieve insulation, energy saving, sound insulation, lighting and other performance requirements.


Third, the main features and development trends


The main advantages of the plastic door and window with the inner hanging upper hanging hardware:


1. Beautiful appearance and simple operation. By opening and closing different angles of the handle, the window can be opened and closed. The entire window is only exposed by the handle and the hinge.


2, safe and practical. When the window is hit to the upper hanging state, the space can be saved, and the locking function is provided, and the glass can be easily opened when the window is opened. When closed, the window can be locked around and has anti-theft function.


3, easy to install, no need to use complex fixtures.


4, good adjustability, through the adjustment of the relevant hardware components, to achieve three-dimensional adjustment, in addition, the inner hanging open hanging hardware should also be in the direction of intelligent development, such as remote control open doors and windows.


In short, with the vigorous development of the chemical building materials business, plastic doors and windows have gradually been recognized by people, and people's consumption consciousness is also changing. The plastic hanging doors and windows will also be continuously improved to better meet the consumers. Demand.

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