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Replacement and repair of household pvc window handles
Jan 03, 2018

Now every house has the pvc windows, the pvc window is very popular, because it is strong ,windtight, good lighting, the line of sight ,good view and so on.


cross screwdriver


Don't use brute force when you remove your handle. Carefully,if the trunk of your handle is broken in the hole,then all the window is damaged.

Don't force the switch, because the trunk is square, and every turn will be lost.


1.Check the handle of the window is loose or can not move at all.

2.Open the back cover of the handle and you can see the fixed cross screws in it.

How do you open him?It's very simple, cover it, rotate it 90 degrees.

3.Use the screwdriver to remove the screws.

4.Notice to take care to pull the handle out.If you can't pull it out, don't use brute force, you're going to have to do it again,and maybe the window closes,you have to pull the handle to 180 degrees.

5.Pull your hand out to see if there is a broken or rusty handle.

6.Take a new pvc handle and replace it with the three holes in the window. Screw the screw with a screwdriver.

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