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PVC sliding window and PVC casement window which is better?
Dec 14, 2017

PVC sliding window and PVC casement window is the door and window opening that more consumer generally chooses now,PVC sliding window and PVC casement window actually have their respective characteristic, more consumer does not know how to choose to make a choice.Let's have a brief introduction about this.

1.First of all, we notice that the PVC casement window can be very superior to the PVC sliding window  in performance, but the PVC sliding window can be used in the process of processing and production, which is superior to the window of plastic steel.

It is precisely because of this reason, the application of PVC casement window large number of applications in the city of commercial buildings or office buildings as well as its high-grade residence and villas and other middle and high grade buildings,PVC sliding window can be used widely in industrial plant or village house and other middle and low buildings.

2.In terms of the appearance of the PVC sliding window and PVC casement window, the difference between the two is mainly based on the overall style of the building.Due to the greater flexibility of the split window, it is necessary to make the facade effect on any line, and for the floor-to-ceiling window of the large division, the opening fan occupies a small part of the whole window.Because of this, it is more suitable for the construction of the overall effect of high - grade buildings.

3.In the end, the PVC casement window is more in line with the larger frame of the architect's pursuit. It is spacious and bright and has a good effect, which is suitable for the building with smooth appearance.Because of the PVC sliding window’s open door can only be to horizontal push and pull ,because of this, more difficult and large frame fixed glass matching, more suitable for herself relatively distinct lines opened workshop construction and rural family.

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