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Professional zinc alloy hinge manufacturers are very good, picking on the matters needing attention
Apr 26, 2018

Professional zinc alloy hinge manufacturers are very good:

Our professional zinc alloy hinge manufacturers, such as us, have a stable product quality, substantial supply, reasonable prices, and timely delivery, and are widely welcomed by small and medium enterprises across the country. This zinc alloy hinge manufacturer has always adopted the method of wholesale and factory direct sales, and the regular operation has provided convenient channels for many consumers. Our company is faced with changing rationality, full communication, sincerity and cooperation, if there are specific needs, we can communicate with our company.


Professional zinc alloy hinge manufacturers will be controlled by strict quality standards to meet customer expectations and requirements for product quality. Standardized quality management penetrates into every production process, and perfect after-sales service relieves the worries of each user. The quality of the zinc alloy hinges that our factory sells is guaranteed, and the zinc alloy hinge sold will have the after-sales guarantee.


The zinc alloy hinges produced by professional zinc alloy hinge manufacturers will be highly praised by the industry people for their novel style, exquisite workmanship, superior performance and considerate after-sales service, and some of the products are also sold well in and around the province. , Has always had a good reputation in the field of door and window hardware industry. Demands are welcome to visit and instruct.

Zinc Alloy Hinge Selection Note:

The excellent zinc alloy hinge is very particular about the materials used, and the general weight is 20% to 30% heavier than the average home-made hinge, and the surface plating is delicate and smooth. In addition, the high-quality hinge springs are treated with smooth edges and high-quality hinges are specially equipped with nylon protection devices. However, the edges of many Chinese-made hinge springs are not polished and have burrs.


The excellent zinc alloy hinge spring lube oil part uses the light yellow or the milky white top lube oil, has the very long service life; Afterwards, regarding the fine zinc alloy hinge hinge opening and closing is relatively light, the domestic home hinge generally compares Harder, there are also means that the adjusting screws of imported hinges are closely matched. Only the screwdriver is used for the first time. Many domestic hinges do not have tight enough adjustment screws.

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