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Performance standard requirements and main functions of door and window rollers
Aug 17, 2018

The door and window roller is actually a kind of roller used on the door and window. The main function is labor saving. Under normal circumstances, the product should meet certain standards in production. The main requirements are as follows:

1. Appearance;

2, corrosion resistance;

3. The running speed of the pulley is stable;

4, the opening and closing force;

5, repeated opening and closing;

6, temperature resistance.


Door and window rollers are widely used, which not only have a labor-saving effect, but also change the direction of the force. In fact, we can think of the product as a deformation lever, which is a simple machine like a lever. Usually, the roller that moves the center shaft together with the heavy object is a movable pulley, which is a deformed unequal arm lever (saving lever), which can save half of the force without changing the direction of the force.


In different applications, the function and characteristics of the door and window rollers are also different. In addition, the fixed roller does not change the force in use, and the force used in all directions is equal, and the power arm and the resistance arm are equal and equal to the radius of the roller. The moving roller string is the most labor-saving when the force direction is vertical.

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