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Performance and design requirements for door and window rollers
Oct 27, 2018

Under normal conditions, the reliable door and window rollers are smoother and no noise during the sliding process. Coupled with the innovative structural design, the finished product is both practical and decorative, giving a stylish and versatile look, more wear-resistant, waterproof and corrosion-resistant, and can be used for a long time. .


It should be noted that when selecting the door and window rollers, it should be matched with other selected hardware accessories, so that the doors or windows can be opened and closed flexibly and freely. At the time of selection, the structural design and color, etc., also need to be harmonious and uniform in appearance with the door and window to be used.


With the advancement of technology, even some door and window rollers can be used to compensate for the distance between the sash and the track by adjusting the height of the door and window roller, so that the sash and the track are more closely connected. Moreover, since the process quality of the sash roller is also very different, the elaborate roller can make the connection between the sashes more compact, lighter and faster to pull, and more convenient to use.

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