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Overview of the handle’s application and installation
Nov 22, 2017

The handle products are usually made of zinc alloy and aluminum alloy.The surface is black and white,we can also customize the color according to the customer's requirements. the colors we speak normally are painted colors.

The handles we currently produce are mainly used in aluminum doors and Windows.We can choose the style we like according to the customers' needs.

Next, we should also pay attention to the installation of handles:

1.Cut the installation paper to the appropriate height of the doors and Windows.

2.According to the opening direction of the doors and Windows, adjust the inclined plane of the diagonal.Then the lock body is placed in the lock body to tighten the self - tapping screw.

3.Insert the lock body into the preset slot and screw the lock.Insert the square core into the keyhole of the lock body and then the front and rear panel of the handle of the square.Screw the two fastening screws on the inner panel (temporarily unscrewed) and pass through the locked hole from the door to the door,tighten the lock core and the lock with the locking screw, then tighten the 2 fastening screws on the inner panel.

4.In the corresponding position of the door frame, the buttonhole and the buttonhole support socket are cut out.Install buckle box, gusset plate, use self-tapping screw fastening, should make the latch tongue retractable freely.

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